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Inside Abbey Road

Mark Seeker

Google just released a wonderful interactive tour of the famous Abbey Road studios. If you haven't already visited the site, please do so now. There are visual tours of the three studios and mastering suite, performance videos and archival photos.

The most impressive and interesting part of the site are the interactive gadgets that are imbedded. One of my favorites is the mixing desk. With this gadget, I get to relive some time behind the desk and mix a few tracks. An original mix plays for you and you are presented with four faders representing different parts of the track. It is your job to set the levels to reproduce the original as close as possible. What a great way to have fun with music for anyone! I found it to be very engaging and enlightening.

All of the components of the site work so well together to give visitors a better understanding of not only an historic, iconic place, but also a glimpse into the art and science of music creation and production. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


The Beginning

Mark Seeker

I will occasionally post about business, the industry, relevant projects, or technical resources that you may find useful. Please let me know your thoughts about the website, content provided, and suggestions.

Thank you!